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This page contains useful information to accompany the BBC Stargazing Live shows which was broadcast on BBC2 in March 2015.

Stargazing Live 2016 returns to BBC2 at 9pm from Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th January 2016.

The shows in March 2015 coincided with a solar eclipse and as usual included many news items on astronomy

To support this great show we prepared this resource page to help you join in this interactive event, and the many star parties that continue to run through this year.

Solar Eclipse - See our Solar Astronomy page for equipment to safely observe this rare event which can be partially seen from the UK on March 20th from 07:40 UT (GMT)
Warning - great care must be taken when observing the Sun. Unprotected observations of the Sun can cause blindness. Never look at the Sun without suitable approved filters and equipment.

Comet Observing - Comet Lovejoy is a relatively easy object to find (January 2015), however there are other comets of different colours and tail types that may be observed using binoculars and telescopes - see our recommended range of kit here Comet Gazing

Astronomy Calendar - There is plenty to see at this time of the year. See our calendar section for ideas on how and where to see the planets

Society Events
Click here for the BBC Stargazing Live website with details of the shows, local events as well as some very useful 'How To' Videos
If you would like to post a notice of an astronomy star party on this page free of charge, and we will post on our Facebook and Twitter pages, please
email us.

Many societies will be holding events to coincide with Stargazing Live. All members of the Federation of Astronomical Societies can be
found here.

We are committed to providing impartial advice to help you get the best experience possible. If you would like more information on how to observe these events and what equipment will be most suitable for your requirements please Contact Us or call 01223 911150.

Please note: the recommendations and suggestions in these articles are made for guidance only. The Astronomy Centre cannot accept any responsibility for the decisions or actions made by the reader as a result of the information provided.